[Eng] Visiting a Postnatal Care Center in Ipoh: A Heartwarming Experience

[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]

Visiting a Postnatal Care Center in Ipoh: A Heartwarming Experience

We went to see the baby and mother in Ipoh.

マレーシア 産後ケア施設

Dad is Malaysian, and Mom is Japanese!

To my surprise, the baby was born on the Independence Day, which is on August 31st, and she was on the Malaysian newspaper!

マレーシア 出産事情

There’s no big general hospital in Kampar, so many people in Kampar use the hospital in Ipoh, which is well-facilitated.
(There will be a faculty of medicine at the university in Kampar 2-3 years later.)

The main flow of after discharging from hospital is to stay in postpartum facility with pregnant and baby together or to hire a helper who live in their houses.

There’s 9 postpartum facility in Ipoh.

「Sisters Postnatal Care Center」

This 「Sisters Postnatal Care Center」is located at a quiet residential area.

マレーシア 産後ケア施設

The staff will be available 24hour and help taking care of baby and feeding baby.

With this support, a pregnant mother is able to recover faster and focus on caring for the baby.

Japanese mothers are stressed because they have to do childcare and household chores immediately after discharge from the hospital.

Wow, but I’ll never bored of looking at the baby.

My eyes kept going down, and my daughter was nervous about holding a newborn baby.