We went to [ReFarm] that there’s animals and pools

[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]

Hi there, this is Harikiri-mama!

Here, in Malaysia which is hot all year around as always
It has been so hot as usual in Malaysia here.
It’s so hot as ever in Malaysia every day.

After my daughter became secondary, her subjects increased suddenly and she is confusing these days. And I’m try to support her every day!

But this really hot days annoys us and we are out of energy sometimes.


For this reason, we sometimes go to a place called Refarm for relaxation.
It is located on the way to Temor direction from Kampar.

By the way, the 'Refarm’ stands for Relax&Farming.
We just wanted something which the meaning says, so we explored in search of 'Relax&Farming’.

This is where just passed the entrance of the Refarm.

Vegetable garden

There’s a farm and they grow some vegetables.

It might be helpful for studying science subjects!


And after we just passed through farm, ostrich appears in a sudden!

It continues with goats, rabbits and deers.
They all looks somewhat tired. But they are all so cute.

Observing nature with relaxed and calm in quiet farm.

So much fish and turtles!

All the kids wanted for this pool!

They all looked so enjoyable and happy.

It is simple but is best for recharging our energy in this hot weather.