[Eng] What my daughter is studying now in secondary in International School In Malaysia

[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]

【Eng】What my daughter is studying now in secondary in International School In Malaysia

The international school that my daughter is going to had mid-term exam, we were preparing hard for it.

We introduce some subjects that she is currently learning now in secondary grades.

Some subjects or content might be different with the school, please take this as just one example.

マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー
マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー


Science and math subjects are not so different with the Japan curriculum or Cambridge curriculum.

Since my daughter went to Japanese school until 12 years old, I strongly felt that she can understand faster in Japanese.

I advised her whenever I can, and used textbooks and YouTube to support her.

But the studies are getting harder and harder and I won’t be able to teach her soon.

And there were a lot of scientific terms that wouldn’t be seen in daily conversation or business scenes, which were her main struggle recently.

But there’s no way not remembering these words, she is learning and memorizing words one by one.

マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー
マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー


Since the school follows Cambridge curriculum, they teach the history of Europe in the History class.

She is learning history of the Roman Empire, which is quite interesting.

She is struggling though…

マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー


ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.

There are information classes in Japan too, right?

The lesson mainly teaches how to make tables and calculations on Excel, make Powerpoint slides, and use Publisher using Microsoft Office.

The content of textbook includes topic that is useful for business scenes.

マレーシア インターナショナルスクール セカンダリー

My daughter was struggling to understand Access.

It is not included in my daughter’s grade lesson content but when she advances to a higher level, there will be accounting and economics as subjects.

But sometimes it is too practical and she is struggling to understand the computer skills. I will try my best to teach and give advice using all my knowledge.

Mandarin Chinese

My daughter started Mandarin Chinese as a subject.

I was thinking of starting Mandarin tuition for her to study at home, but my daughter was not so motivated to study Mandarin Chinese.

But then, she is motivated to study since it was added to her subjects.

The environment where she could study with her friends made her motivated to study.

Her Mandarin teacher kindly told her “you have just started and are still not used to it. Even if you didn’t do well this time, try hard to improve next time." So she didn’t stress about the exam, and she was willing to try hard for the next exam.

From learning English to learning in English, we feel that studies are getting harder and harder.