[Eng] Experiencing picking mushrooms in mushroom farm!!


[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]


Hi! This is Harikiri-Mom!

One day my friend had something to do at the Mushroom farm at in the Temoh area, so he brought us there.

It was 20 minutes by car from Kampar to Temoh.

As we enter the green nature by car, there was a farm that growing plenty of mushroom.

Mushroom farm

Is mushroom cultivation suitable for Malaysia’s climate?

I see a lot of mushrooms grown in Malaysia besides from china ones in a supermarket nearby.

“Mushrooms grow by the fungus, so the humidity is very important. When we grow small mushrooms, it grows so big like this. Let’s try picking them together!"

He explained to us very clearly and they let us pick the mushrooms. We got souvenirs of fresh mushrooms which are ready to eat.

Picking mushrooms

My daughter also picked some mushrooms.
She said “It’s more fluffy than I thought!"

We had a precious experience on the mushroom farm for the first time in my life. (Unfortunately, it’s not open to public.)

My daughter and I enjoyed picking mushrooms and had it deliciously.

How delicious it was!!

It was definitely the best mushroom in my life, was so much better than the one in a supermarket. After this, we always keep mushrooms in our fridge. We realized the importance of the freshness of vegetables.

We realized the importance of the freshness of vegetables. Of course, the farmer’s technology also important.

Ahh we wish we could pick them again.

See you next time!