[Eng] The Mid-Autumn festival

[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]

The Mid-Autumn festival

Hi! My name is Harikiri-Mama, and I’m losing touch with the sense of the season because it’s warm through the year in Malaysia here.

A friend of mine had invited me “Hey! Why don’t you come and make mooncake together?"

I was like “of course!" and went to his house and experienced making the mooncake.

It’s the mid-autumn festival season now which is for eating mooncake!

Chinese have the custom of eating mooncake during mid-autumn festival.

The mid-autumn festival falls on the 15th of August according to the lunar calendar, and it fell on the 4th of October in 2017 according to the Gregorian calendar.
(It is based on the lunar calendar, the date of mid-autumn changes every year.)

Making the process of mooncake

マレーシア 月餅
マレーシア 月餅

They already had made the dough and divided into pieces.

After this procedure I got to experience making the mooncake.
And we wrapped the salted egg yolk with the dough.

It was just like a round moon!

マレーシア 月餅

The picture above is the red bean paste. The mooncake in Malaysia is quite big, so the paste inside of it is also big in size!

We wrapped the red bean paste with the dough too. After that, shaped the dough by putting into the simple molding machine.

マレーシア 月餅

Next, put some egg for glazing on the top of the dough.

マレーシア 月餅

Lastly, bake in the oven and it’s done! We baked again and again and cooled it down.

Completed! and put them into the boxes

マレーシア 月餅
マレーシア 月餅

Put each mooncake into the boxes and it’s complete!

I heard it’s better to leave it for 2~3days because the dough will soften and be more tasty. It was really hard for me to bare not to eat because the mooncake is in front of me and I kept thinking about it.

There will be mooncake in the supermarket or shopping mall soon. The paste inside has in varieties like white lotus, yam, durian and snow skin.
Feel free to try out the Chinese tradition sweets!