[Eng] Hari Raya and Gunung Lang Park

[This article is translated from a Japanese past article. Some parts of the sentences are newly added or removed.]

Ramadan is over

One month Ramadan for islam is over last week, Sunday was the first day after Ramadan is finished which is Hari Raya.

My daughter and I were invited to the Chinese Malaysian’s house. They were also invited to a Malay family’s house to celebrate Hari Raya, and they were kind to take us together to the Malay friends house.

The Malaysian family that we were invited, they served lots of Malay dishes and snacks to celebrate Hari Raya at the entrance.

We greeted each other and they gave my daughter Angpao.

“Angpao" or “Ang Pow" is a traditional custom primarily observed in China and Southeast Asia. It involves the practice of giving red envelopes containing money as gifts, especially during special occasions or celebrations. These envelopes, typically red in color, symbolize good luck and prosperity, and often include messages conveying well wishes for the recipient. Angpao is commonly given during events such as the Lunar New Year, weddings, birthdays, or other significant milestones. It serves not only as a gesture of giving money but also as a symbol of bestowing blessings and good fortune upon the recipient.

マレーシア ハリラヤ

They served Laksa too.
Actually I had never tried laksa before. So I was happy to get to try laksa for the first time. I thought it was too spicy for us and couldn’t eat but it wasn’t too spicy. The soup had rich taste of fish and it was really good. I might become addicted to it.

It’s such a shame that I forgot to take pictures because I was busy eating.

マレーシア ハリラヤ

Gunung Lang Park

After that, we set off to a park called Gunung Lang Park in Ipoh.

マレーシア イポー
マレーシア イポー
マレーシア イポー

Once we got inside, there was a small lake there!

Perak has bunch of lake actually.

You can feed the fish too.

マレーシア イポー
マレーシア イポー

Normally it’s empty but this day was crowded because it’s Hari Raya.

マレーシア 動物

you can ride a boat and took just 3 minutes to reach the opposite side.

You can get to observe bird, deer, ostrich and cow in the park. But please be careful of wild monkeys. They are very dangerous and may steal your belongings.

The baby monkey was cute but daddy monkey was a bit scary.

マレーシア 鳥


マレーシア 動物

A horse

マレーシア ダチョウ


operating hours:
Monday – Thursday 8am – 12noon / 1.30pm – 7pm
Friday 8am – 12noon / 2.45pm – 4pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 8am – 6.30pm

boat fee:
adults – RM3
children(3 – 12 years old) – RM1.50

Address: Off Jalan Kuala Kangsar,30010 Ipoh, Perak

The information is based on 2017. The rates information might differ from this.